Best Side Hustles For Accountants in 2024

Inflation and financial challenges have led many accountants to explore side hustles to supplement their income. From online platforms to creative ventures, there are numerous opportunities for accountants to earn extra money. Let’s explore the top side hustles for accountants in 2024 based on research from various sources.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accountants can benefit from exploring side hustles to supplement their income.
  • Online platforms like OnlyFans, gig platforms, and delivery services offer opportunities for accountants to earn extra money.
  • Recycling and participating in surveys or clinical trials can also be lucrative side hustles for accountants.
  • It is important to carefully consider the implications, conflicts, and potential risks before pursuing any side hustle.
  • Accountants can leverage their unique skills and market them effectively to stand out in competitive platforms.

OnlyFans as a Side Hustle for Accountants

OnlyFans has emerged as a popular side hustle platform, even for accountants looking to supplement their income. The platform allows content creators to monetize their unique skills and connect with their audience. As an accountant, I have seen colleagues explore this unconventional side hustle option.

While OnlyFans can be a lucrative opportunity, it’s important to be aware of potential conflicts with company policies and the accounting profession’s ethical considerations. Maintaining a professional image while engaging in this side hustle is crucial, as it may impact your reputation within the industry. It’s essential to carefully consider the potential implications before pursuing this endeavor.

However, for those willing to navigate the challenges, OnlyFans can provide a platform to showcase creative talents and build a loyal following. In the words of one accountant who ventured into this side hustle, “OnlyFans has allowed me to channel my artistic side and connect with supporters who appreciate my work. It’s given me financial freedom and the opportunity to explore my passions outside of accounting.”

Exploring Alternative Side Hustle Options

If OnlyFans doesn’t align with your goals or professional boundaries, there are plenty of other side hustle options available to accountants. From freelancing on gig platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to offering specialized services on Facebook Marketplace, accountants can leverage their skills beyond their day jobs.

Accountants can also consider traditional side hustles like DoorDash and delivery services. These opportunities provide flexibility and an opportunity to earn extra income through meal deliveries. Additionally, exploring paid surveys and participating in clinical trials are viable options to make extra money during free time.

When it comes to side hustles, it’s essential to find the right balance between financial sustainability and personal fulfillment. As an accountant, you have unique skills and abilities that can be leveraged to explore various side hustle options. By carefully considering the potential risks and conflicts, you can find a side hustle that aligns with your goals and values.

Recycling as a Side Hustle for Accountants

Recycling as a Side Hustle

One unique side hustle opportunity for accountants is getting involved in recycling. In states like California, Connecticut, and Oregon, accountants can take advantage of deposit systems for bottles and cans, which can provide them with extra cash. By collecting and returning empty beer bottles, accountants can earn money while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Recycling as a side hustle offers flexibility in terms of time commitment and location. Accountants can collect bottles and cans in their spare time or even organize community recycling drives. This side hustle allows accountants to make a positive impact on the environment and earn additional income at the same time.

“Recycling not only allows me to make some extra money, but it also gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I’m doing something good for the planet,” says Jennifer, an accountant in California.

Maximizing Earnings

To maximize earnings from recycling, it’s essential for accountants to familiarize themselves with the specific recycling regulations in their state. Different types of bottles and cans may have different deposit values, so accountants should research which items are most profitable to collect and return.

Additionally, networking with local businesses, such as bars and restaurants, can be beneficial. Establishing relationships with these establishments can lead to a steady supply of empty containers, allowing accountants to increase their recycling income.

Recycling as a side hustle not only provides additional income but also promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness. Accountants can turn their passion for numbers into a meaningful and profitable side gig through the simple act of recycling.

DoorDash and Delivery Services for Accountants

As accountants, we have the unique opportunity to explore various part-time jobs to supplement our income. One such option is becoming a DoorDash driver or working for other delivery services. This side hustle provides flexibility and allows us to earn extra income while managing our busy schedules.

Working as a delivery driver for DoorDash or similar platforms is an excellent option for accountants seeking additional financial stability. With the rising popularity of meal delivery services, there is a high demand for drivers. We can choose our own working hours and take on deliveries whenever it suits us. This allows us to easily balance our side hustle with our primary accounting job.

Not only does working for DoorDash provide flexibility, but it also offers the potential to earn a significant amount per delivery. Depending on the distance and location, we can earn competitive rates and even tips from grateful customers. Every completed delivery brings us one step closer to our financial goals and allows us to save up for future endeavors.

Embracing the Side Hustle

DoorDash and other delivery services present a great opportunity for accountants to diversify their income streams and gain valuable experience outside of the accounting world. By embracing this side hustle, we can navigate the changing job market and secure our financial well-being. So why not take advantage of the flexibility and potential earnings that DoorDash and delivery services offer?

The gig economy is constantly evolving, and as accountants, it’s crucial for us to adapt to new opportunities. DoorDash and other delivery services provide a reliable and rewarding way to earn extra income on our own terms. So, let’s explore this side hustle option and seize the chance to achieve greater financial stability.

Freelancing on Gig Platforms for Accountants

Facebook Marketplace reselling

Finding freelance opportunities on gig platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Fiverr, and Upwork can be a great way for accountants to earn extra income. As an accountant, I’ve personally found success in leveraging these platforms to offer my services and skills to a wider audience.

One option for accountants is Facebook Marketplace reselling. By utilizing this platform, I’ve been able to buy and sell various items, including office equipment and software licenses. It’s a simple and effective way to turn unused items into profit. Additionally, Fiverr and Upwork provide opportunities for accountants to offer their accounting-related skills. I’ve created gigs on Fiverr, offering services such as financial statement analysis and bookkeeping, and have received consistent work from clients who value my expertise.

“Freelancing on gig platforms has allowed me to tap into a larger market and earn extra income while working on my own terms. I’ve had the freedom to set my own rates and choose the projects that align with my skills and interests. It’s been a rewarding experience that has expanded my professional network and allowed me to grow as an accountant.” – John, Freelance Accountant

However, it’s important to note that succeeding on these platforms requires more than just creating a profile and listing your services. To stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to market yourself effectively by highlighting your unique skills and qualifications. Building a strong portfolio of past work and receiving positive reviews from clients can also go a long way in attracting new clients and securing repeat business.

Maximizing Your Potential on Gig Platforms

When freelancing on gig platforms, it’s essential to make the most of the opportunities available. Here are a few tips to help accountants maximize their potential:

  1. Niche down: Instead of offering a wide range of accounting services, focus on a specific niche that sets you apart from the competition. This could be anything from tax preparation for small businesses to providing financial advice for freelancers.
  2. Optimize your profile: Take the time to optimize your gig platform profile by providing detailed information about your background, skills, and expertise. Use relevant keywords in your description to ensure your profile shows up in relevant search results.
  3. Promote your services: Don’t rely solely on the gig platform to bring in clients. Promote your services through social media, professional networks, and online communities where your target clients are likely to gather.

By following these strategies and making the most of gig platforms, accountants can leverage their skills and expertise to earn extra income while expanding their professional network.

Taking Surveys and Participating in Clinical Trials as a Side Hustle for Accountants

As accountants, we can explore different avenues to earn extra income. One option is to take paid surveys. Many companies and market research firms are willing to pay for our opinions on various products and services. While the earnings may vary, it offers a simple way to make extra money during our free time. Plus, participating in surveys allows us to contribute to the development and improvement of products and services in the market.

Another opportunity for accountants to earn extra income is by participating in clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential for medical research and development. By volunteering as participants, we not only have the chance to contribute to medical advancements but also receive compensation for our time and effort. In some cases, compensation for clinical trials can range from $150 to a significant amount, such as $13,000. However, it’s important to carefully consider the potential risks and conflicts with our accounting profession before deciding to participate in clinical trials.

When it comes to finding paid surveys and clinical trials, there are several reputable platforms to consider. Websites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Toluna offer opportunities for accountants to participate in surveys and earn extra income. For clinical trials, websites like provide a comprehensive list of ongoing trials across various medical disciplines, allowing us to find studies that match our interests and eligibility.

“Taking surveys and participating in clinical trials can be excellent side hustles for accountants. Not only do they provide an opportunity to earn extra income, but they also allow us to contribute to market research and medical advancements. However, it’s crucial to weigh the potential risks and conflicts with our accounting profession before pursuing these side hustles.”

Overall, taking surveys and participating in clinical trials are viable options for accountants to earn extra income. These side hustles offer flexibility, allowing us to choose when and how often we want to participate. Additionally, they provide unique opportunities to contribute to market research and medical advancements. It’s important to remember to carefully consider the risks and conflicts associated with these side hustles before diving in. With proper research and consideration, accountants can successfully incorporate paid surveys and clinical trials into their side hustle repertoire.


In conclusion, accountants have a plethora of side hustle options available to them, providing various accounting side gigs and extra income opportunities. These side hustles can be a great way to supplement their income and achieve greater financial stability.

From exploring online platforms like OnlyFans, freelancing on gig platforms, and participating in surveys and clinical trials, to more traditional options like recycling and working with delivery services, accountants have the flexibility to choose the side hustle that aligns with their skills and preferences.

However, it is crucial for accountants to carefully consider the implications and potential conflicts that may arise from their chosen side hustle. It’s important to ensure that any side hustle remains in compliance with professional accounting standards and does not pose a conflict of interest with their primary job or employer.

By evaluating the pros and cons, researching the legal and ethical aspects, and leveraging their unique skills and expertise, accountants can make informed decisions about their side hustle options. Whether it’s pursuing an online venture or engaging in traditional gig work, accountants can seize the opportunity to diversify their income and achieve their financial goals.


Can accountants use OnlyFans as a side hustle?

Yes, some accountants have found success on OnlyFans as a side hustle. However, it is important to consider potential conflicts with company policies before pursuing this option.

How can accountants earn money through recycling?

Accountants can collect and return empty beer bottles in states that have deposits on liquor bottles, such as California, Connecticut, and Oregon. This side hustle can be lucrative and provide additional cash.

Can accountants work as delivery drivers for platforms like DoorDash?

Yes, accountants can become drivers for DoorDash and other meal delivery services. This side hustle offers flexibility and the potential to earn extra income through deliveries.

What gig platforms can accountants utilize for side hustles?

Accountants can utilize platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Fiverr, and Upwork to offer their services. Whether it’s reselling items or providing accounting-related skills, these platforms provide opportunities to earn extra income.

Can accountants earn money by taking surveys?

Yes, accountants can explore paid survey sites to earn money by sharing their opinions. While the earnings may vary, it offers a simple way to make extra money during free time.

Are there opportunities for accountants to participate in clinical trials?

Yes, participating in clinical trials can be a more profitable option for accountants, with compensation ranging from $150 to $13,000. However, it’s crucial to consider the potential risks and conflicts with the accounting profession.

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