Best Side Hustles For Educators in 2024

Many educators face the challenge of low pay and financial limitations. To combat this, teachers often seek outside hustles to supplement their income. In fact, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2019 found that one in six teachers had to work a second job. In this article, I will explore the best side hustles for educators in 2024, offering opportunities for additional income while leveraging their skills and expertise.

Teaching is a noble profession, but it’s no secret that educators often find themselves struggling to make ends meet. That’s why finding side jobs for teachers can be a game-changer, providing extra income that can make a significant difference in their lives. Whether it’s tutoring, coaching, or exploring creative outlets, there are plenty of side hustles that educators can pursue to increase their financial stability.

As an educator myself, I understand the importance of finding additional sources of income. That’s why I have compiled a list of the best side hustles for educators in 2024. These opportunities not only provide extra income but also allow teachers to utilize their skills, develop new ones, and engage with students in different ways. Let’s dive into the various side hustles that educators can explore.

Key Takeaways:

  • Educators often face financial limitations due to low pay.
  • Side hustles provide additional income and financial stability.
  • Tutoring, coaching, and creative ventures are popular side hustles for educators.
  • Exploring side hustles allows educators to utilize their skills and expertise.
  • Side hustles can provide opportunities for personal growth and development.

Tutoring – A Popular Side Hustle for Educators

Educators looking to earn extra income often turn to tutoring as a popular side hustle. With their expertise in various subjects, teachers can provide valuable one-on-one instruction to students in need. Whether it’s helping struggling students catch up or preparing high achievers for standardized tests, tutoring allows teachers to leverage their teaching skills and make a difference in students’ lives.

One of the advantages of tutoring as a side hustle is the flexibility it offers. Teachers can choose to provide tutoring services in-person or online, depending on their preferences and availability. Online tutoring platforms like Wyzant, Outschool, and Skooli have made it easier than ever for teachers to connect with students in need of academic support. These platforms provide a convenient way for educators to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes.

“Tutoring allows me to have a direct impact on my students’ academic growth while earning some additional income. It’s truly a win-win situation.” – Sarah, a teacher turned tutor.

Furthermore, tutoring not only benefits students but also helps teachers enhance their own teaching skills. By working closely with individual students, educators gain a deeper understanding of their student’s learning needs and can tailor their instruction accordingly. This personalized approach to teaching can be incredibly rewarding for both teachers and students.

The Rise of Online Tutoring Platforms

In recent years, the popularity of online tutoring has soared, thanks to the convenience and accessibility it offers. With just a laptop and an internet connection, teachers can reach students from across the country or even the globe. Online tutoring platforms provide a seamless way for educators to connect with students, manage scheduling and payments, and track their progress.

Additionally, online tutoring allows teachers to tap into niche markets and specialize in specific subjects or test preparation. Whether it’s SAT/ACT prep, math tutoring, or English language instruction, teachers can find their niche and attract students who are specifically seeking their expertise.

Overall, tutoring is a lucrative side hustle for educators that allows them to apply their teaching skills outside of the classroom, make a positive impact on student’s lives, and earn extra income. Whether it’s through in-person sessions or online platforms, tutoring offers flexibility, personalization, and the opportunity for teachers to continue honing their craft.

After-School Programs and Summer School Teaching

after-school program

Getting involved with after-school programs or teaching summer school can be a great way for educators to earn extra income. After-school programs offer a range of activities from homework help to enrichment programs, providing teachers with the opportunity to engage with students outside of regular classroom hours. Summer school teaching allows educators to continue working during the summer months, providing additional income and the chance to further develop relationships with students.

As an educator, I have found after-school programs to be incredibly rewarding. It’s a time when I can focus on individual students and provide them with the additional support they need. Whether it’s helping a student with their math homework or organizing fun and educational activities, after-school programs allow me to make a positive impact on student’s lives while also earning extra income.

Similarly, teaching summer school has been a valuable experience. It gives me the opportunity to reinforce concepts from the previous school year or introduce new material that will prepare students for the upcoming year. Summer school teaching allows me to work with a smaller group of students, providing more personalized instruction and fostering meaningful connections.

Why After-School Programs and Summer School Teaching Matter

“After-school programs and summer school teaching provide educators with the chance to extend their impact beyond the traditional classroom setting. It allows us to connect with students in a different environment, cater to their individual needs, and provide additional learning opportunities.”

Engaging in after-school programs and teaching summer school not only benefits educators but also has a positive impact on students. These programs offer a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. By participating in after-school activities or attending summer school, students have the opportunity to further develop their skills, explore new interests, and receive additional academic support when needed.

The flexibility of after-school programs and summer school teaching also allows educators to pursue their passions and interests beyond the standard curriculum. Whether it’s offering specialized workshops, organizing sports activities, or integrating creative arts into the program, teachers have the freedom to create engaging and enriching experiences for students.

Coaching and Fitness-Related Side Hustles

fitness side hustle

For educators with a passion for sports and fitness, coaching and fitness-related side hustles can be a perfect fit. Not only do these opportunities allow teachers to stay active and engage with children, but they also provide a chance to earn extra income. One popular option is coaching sports teams, where teachers can share their expertise and help young athletes develop their skills and teamwork. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or track and field, coaching a sports team can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Another option for educators looking to turn their passion for fitness into a side hustle is offering swim lessons. Many communities have a demand for swim instructors, especially during the summer months. Whether it’s teaching kids how to swim or providing training for competitive swimmers, teachers can leverage their knowledge and experience to help others become confident in the water. Not only does this side hustle provide an opportunity to earn extra income, but it also helps promote water safety and a healthy lifestyle.

For those interested in the fitness industry, becoming a certified lifeguard can open up doors to a variety of side hustles. Lifeguards are in demand at pools, beaches, and water parks, especially during the summer season. As a lifeguard, educators can earn extra income while ensuring the safety of others. Additionally, teachers can explore fitness-related side hustles such as personal training or leading group fitness classes. With their background in education, teachers can create effective and engaging workouts that cater to the needs and abilities of their clients.

“Coaching and fitness-related side hustles allow me to combine my love for sports and fitness with my teaching skills. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my students grow both athletically and personally.” – Sarah, elementary school teacher

By taking on coaching and fitness-related side hustles, educators can not only earn extra income but also make a positive impact on the lives of others. These side hustles allow teachers to continue pursuing their passions outside the classroom while leveraging their skills and expertise. Whether it’s coaching a sports team, teaching swim lessons, or becoming a certified lifeguard, educators have plenty of opportunities to stay active, engage with children, and earn extra income.

Creative Side Hustles for Educators

Educators possess a unique set of skills and expertise that can be monetized through various creative side hustles. One popular option is to sell curriculums and educational resources online. Platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers and tes allow teachers to showcase and sell their lesson plans, worksheets, and other educational materials. This not only provides educators with an opportunity to generate extra income but also allows them to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

Another creative side hustle for educators is self-publishing. Many teachers have a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can be transformed into books or e-books. Whether it’s a children’s book, a guide for parents, or a textbook for fellow educators, self-publishing allows teachers to showcase their writing skills and potentially earn royalties from their work.

Freelance writing is another avenue for educators to explore. With their strong communication and writing abilities, teachers can offer their services as freelance writers for educational publications, blogs, or even content marketing agencies. This not only provides an additional source of income but also allows teachers to contribute to the educational community through their writing.

For educators who possess strong organizational and technical skills, becoming a virtual assistant can be a lucrative side hustle. Virtual assistants provide administrative and technical support to clients remotely, assisting with tasks such as email management, social media scheduling, and online research. This allows educators to leverage their existing skills while working flexible hours and earning extra income.


In conclusion, side hustles can be a valuable resource for educators looking to supplement their income and explore new opportunities in 2024. With low pay being a common challenge for teachers, having a side hustle can provide financial stability and alleviate financial stress.

From tutoring to coaching sports teams, teachers have a wide range of side hustle options that align with their teaching expertise. Tutoring is a popular choice, allowing educators to leverage their knowledge and skills to help students succeed. Platforms like Wyzant, Outschool, and Skooli provide a convenient way for teachers to connect with students in need of tutoring.

In addition to tutoring, after-school programs, and summer school teaching are great options for teachers to earn extra income. These opportunities not only provide additional income but also allow teachers to build relationships with students outside of the regular school year.

Lastly, educators can monetize their creativity and skills through various side hustles. Selling curriculums and educational resources, self-publishing books, freelance writing, and offering virtual assistant services are all viable options for teachers to explore.

By taking advantage of these side hustle opportunities, educators can achieve greater financial stability and create additional income streams. So, if you’re an educator looking to make the most of your skills and expertise, consider these side hustle options to boost your income and pursue your passions in 2024.


What are the best side hustles for educators in 2024?

The best side hustles for educators in 2024 include tutoring, getting involved with after-school programs or teaching summer school, coaching and fitness-related side hustles, and creative side hustles such as selling curriculums, self-publishing, freelance writing, and virtual assistant services.

How can educators get started with tutoring?

Educators can get started with tutoring by signing up on platforms like Wyzant, Outschool, or Skooli. These platforms connect teachers with students in need of tutoring and provide an avenue for earning extra income while utilizing their teaching skills and knowledge.

What opportunities are there for educators in after-school programs and summer school teaching?

Educators can get involved with after-school programs, which can range from homework help to enrichment activities, and earn extra income while building relationships with students outside of the regular school year. Summer school teaching also provides educators with the opportunity to continue working during the summer months and earn additional income.

How can educators pursue coaching and fitness-related side hustles?

Educators who have a passion for sports and fitness can pursue coaching sports teams, offering swim lessons, or becoming certified lifeguards. These side hustles allow them to stay active, engage with children, and earn extra income while leveraging their skills and interests.

What creative side hustles can educators pursue?

Educators can sell their curriculums and educational resources on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers or tes. They can also explore self-publishing books or become freelance writers, leveraging their creativity and expertise. Additionally, they can offer virtual assistant services, utilizing their organizational and technical skills to support others.

How can side hustles help educators achieve greater financial stability?

Side hustles provide educators with opportunities to supplement their income, explore their interests, and develop new skills. By taking advantage of these opportunities, teachers can create additional income streams and achieve greater financial stability in 2024.

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