Best Side Hustles For Nurses in 2024

Are you a nurse looking to explore new opportunities and increase your income? In 2024, nurses have an array of side hustles to choose from that can provide extra income and personal growth. With their unique skills and experience, nurses can find part-time jobs and side gigs that align with their interests and goals. Let’s delve into some of the best side hustle ideas for nurses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Side hustles offer nurses the chance to earn additional income and enhance their nursing careers.
  • Part-time jobs and side gigs for nurses span various fields, providing flexibility and opportunities for professional development.
  • Nurses can explore roles such as health coaching, telehealth nursing, vaccine administration, remote health consulting, tutoring, freelance healthcare writing, nurse educator, informatics nurse, nurse case manager, aesthetic/cosmetic nurse, legal nurse consultant, flight nurse, forensic nurse, and nurse administrator.
  • Non-bedside nursing jobs allow nurses to utilize their skills in different environments and contribute to areas such as aesthetics, law, emergency care, and healthcare administration.
  • By pursuing side hustles, nurses can achieve financial stability, expand their skill sets, and make a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Side Hustles for Nurses to Supplement Income

Nurses have a unique opportunity to pursue side hustles that can supplement their income. These side hustles not only provide financial stability but also allow nurses to utilize their skills and expertise beyond their primary nursing role. With the increasing demand for healthcare services, there are several profitable nurse side hustles that nurses can consider in 2024.

One option for nurses is to obtain a health coaching certification. This side hustle allows nurses to guide individuals in making healthy lifestyle choices and achieve their wellness goals. By combining their nursing knowledge with coaching techniques, nurses can provide personalized support and guidance to clients, helping them improve their overall well-being.

Another lucrative side hustle for nurses is telehealth nursing. With the advancement of technology, telehealth has become increasingly popular, providing convenient access to healthcare services. As telehealth nurses, nurses can remotely assess and monitor patients, provide education and support, and even administer virtual care. This side hustle not only offers flexibility but also enables nurses to reach a wider patient population.

“Health coaching and telehealth nursing are great side hustles for nurses to consider. These opportunities allow nurses to leverage their skills and expertise to make a significant impact beyond their primary nursing role.” – Nancy Thompson, RN

Furthermore, nurses can explore freelance nursing opportunities. Freelance nursing allows nurses to work on a project basis, providing services such as health consulting, vaccine administration, or tutoring. These side hustles give nurses the flexibility to choose the projects they are interested in and set their own rates, allowing them to earn extra income while pursuing their passion.

By considering these side hustles, nurses can supplement their income and expand their professional horizons. Whether it’s health coaching, telehealth nursing, or freelance opportunities, nurses have the opportunity to utilize their nursing skills in diverse ways and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Nursing Side Gigs for Professional Development

nursing side gigs

As a nurse, there are numerous side gig opportunities that not only provide extra income but also offer a platform for professional development. These side hustles allow nurses to explore new avenues and expand their skill sets beyond bedside care.

Freelance Healthcare Writing

One nursing side gig that can contribute to both personal and professional growth is freelance healthcare writing. As a nurse, you possess valuable knowledge and expertise that can be shared through written content. By becoming a freelance healthcare writer, you can educate and inform others while honing your writing skills and expanding your network.

Nurse Educator

If you have a passion for teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, becoming a nurse educator can be a fulfilling side gig. Whether it’s through conducting workshops, creating online courses, or providing mentorship, nurse educators play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of nurses. This side gig allows you to contribute to the field of nursing while enhancing your presentation and teaching skills.

Informatics Nurse

With the advancement of technology in healthcare, the role of an informatics nurse has become increasingly important. Informatics nurses bridge the gap between nursing and technology, ensuring that healthcare systems are optimized for efficiency and patient safety. By pursuing this side gig, you can gain valuable experience in health information technology and contribute to the development of innovative solutions in healthcare.

Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers play a vital role in coordinating and managing patient care across various healthcare settings. This side gig allows you to utilize your nursing skills in a different capacity, focusing on care coordination, patient advocacy, and resource management. Nurse case managers work closely with interdisciplinary teams and help ensure that patients receive comprehensive and holistic care. By taking on this side gig, you can enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills while making a positive impact on patient outcomes.

These nursing side gigs provide not only the opportunity to earn extra money but also serve as avenues for professional growth and development. Whether you choose to pursue freelance healthcare writing, become a nurse educator, explore informatics nursing, or venture into nurse case management, these side hustles allow you to expand your skill set, broaden your network, and make a difference in the healthcare industry.

Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs for Career Change

non-bedside nursing jobs

Nurses looking for a change from traditional bedside care have a wide range of non-bedside nursing job options to consider. These roles allow nurses to utilize their nursing skills in unique and exciting environments, making a difference in areas that may be outside of the typical healthcare setting.

One non-bedside nursing job option is that of an aesthetic/cosmetic nurse. These nurses work in the field of medical aesthetics, assisting with cosmetic procedures and treatments. They play a vital role in helping patients achieve their desired appearance and boost their self-confidence.

Another non-bedside nursing job is that of a legal nurse consultant. In this role, nurses work closely with legal professionals to provide expertise and guidance in cases related to healthcare. They analyze medical records, provide insight on standards of care, and assist in the preparation and presentation of medical evidence.

Flight nursing is another exciting non-bedside nursing job for those seeking a change. Flight nurses provide critical care and emergency medical services to patients being transported by air. They work alongside pilots, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the safe and efficient transport of patients in need of urgent care.

Forensic nursing is yet another non-bedside nursing job that offers a unique and fulfilling career path. These nurses work at the intersection of healthcare and law enforcement, providing care to victims of crime and assisting in the investigation of crimes. They may collect evidence, document injuries, and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

Lastly, nursing administrators play a crucial role in healthcare organizations, overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring high-quality patient care. They may be responsible for managing nursing staff, implementing policies and procedures, handling budgeting and financial matters, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

These non-bedside nursing jobs offer nurses the opportunity to make a career change while still utilizing their nursing knowledge and skills. Whether it’s in the field of aesthetics, law, emergency care, forensics, or administration, these roles allow nurses to expand their expertise and make a meaningful impact in various industries and settings.


Nurses have a multitude of side hustle opportunities available to them, offering a way to earn extra income, expand their skills, and explore new career paths. In 2024, the best side hustles for nurses revolve around part-time jobs, freelance work, and non-bedside nursing roles.

By engaging in side hustles, nurses can not only supplement their income but also enhance their nursing career and achieve financial stability. These side hustles provide flexibility, allowing nurses to work on their terms and pursue their passions.

From health coaching certification to freelance healthcare writing and from aesthetic/cosmetic nursing to nurse case management, there are numerous side hustle options for nurses. They can leverage their nursing expertise and make a positive impact on the healthcare industry while meeting their personal and professional goals.

So, if you are a nurse looking for side hustle opportunities in 2024, consider the best side hustles for nurses that align with your interests and aspirations. Explore new challenges, enhance your skills, and open doors to a more fulfilling nursing career.


What are some side hustles for nurses to supplement their income?

Nurses can consider health coaching certification, telehealth nursing, vaccine administration, remote health consulting, and tutoring as side hustles to supplement their income.

How can side hustles contribute to a nurse’s professional development?

Side hustles like freelance healthcare writing, nurse educator, informatics nurse, and nurse case manager offer nurses the opportunity to explore new avenues and expand their skill sets, contributing to their professional development.

What are some non-bedside nursing jobs that nurses can consider for a career change?

Nurses seeking a career change away from bedside care can explore roles like aesthetic/cosmetic nurse, legal nurse consultant, flight nurse, forensic nurse, and nurse administrator.

How can side hustles enhance a nurse’s nursing career?

By pursuing side hustles, nurses can earn extra income, expand their skills, and explore new career paths, ultimately enhancing their nursing career and achieving financial stability.

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