Best Side Hustles For Over 50’s in 2024

The side hustle trend is not just for millennials; adults over 50 are also looking to earn extra income. Whether it’s to supplement their retirement savings, pursue a passion project, or simply stay active and engaged, there are plenty of side hustles that cater to the unique needs and skills of the over 50 crowd.

Key Takeaways:

  • Side hustles offer a source of additional income for individuals over 50.
  • There are various side hustle options that cater to different interests and skills.
  • Side hustles provide flexibility and the opportunity to pursue a passion or second career.
  • Popular side hustles for seniors include becoming a life coach, tutor, pet sitter, craft seller, travel agent, music teacher, and rental host.
  • The average pay for these side hustles varies, but they all offer the potential to earn extra income.

Life Coach

Becoming a life coach can be a fulfilling and lucrative side hustle for individuals over 50. With years of life experience, you can help others grow personally and professionally. As a life coach, you can assist clients in clarifying their goals, facilitating exercises, and holding them accountable for changing their lives. The average pay for a life coach is $39.51 per hour.

Being a life coach for seniors allows me to witness their personal growth and transformation. It’s incredibly rewarding to see them discover their life purpose and achieve their goals. I guide them in setting realistic objectives and help them stay focused and motivated. Through coaching exercises and accountability, I empower seniors to create positive changes in their lives and unlock their full potential.

Personal development is a lifelong journey, and as a life coach, I am committed to continuously learning and enhancing my coaching skills. I am dedicated to providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment for my clients, where they feel safe to explore their dreams and challenges. Together, we work towards creating a life they truly love and finding fulfillment in their personal and professional endeavors.

“Coaching is not about fixing someone; it’s about inspiring them to reach their highest potential and live a life that aligns with their values and aspirations.” – [Your Name]

Online Tutoring – A Lucrative Side Hustle for Those with Teaching Expertise

online tutoring

As the demand for online education continues to grow, online tutoring has become a popular side hustle for individuals over 50. With years of teaching expertise, many retirees find joy and fulfillment in sharing their knowledge and helping students excel academically. Online tutoring offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location, allowing tutors to choose when and where they want to work.

Whether you have subject expertise in math, science, languages, or any other field, there are various platforms and tutoring services that connect tutors with students in need of academic support. These platforms provide a convenient way for tutors to showcase their skills, set their own rates, and reach a wider audience. As an online tutor, you can choose to work independently or join a tutoring service that handles administrative tasks, such as scheduling and payment processing.

“I have been tutoring online for the past two years, and it has been a rewarding experience,” says Jane, a retired teacher. “Not only am I able to supplement my income, but I also get to make a positive impact on my students’ lives. It’s a win-win situation.”

Setting Competitive Tutor Rates

Setting the right rate for your tutoring services is crucial. It’s important to consider factors such as your level of expertise, the subject you’re teaching, the demand for that subject, and the average rates in your area. Researching the rates of other tutors can give you an idea of what to charge.

“I always make sure to offer competitive rates that reflect my qualifications and experience,” shares John, an online math tutor. “By providing high-quality instruction and personalized attention, I can justify my rates and ensure my students get the value they deserve.”

Overall, online tutoring is a rewarding side hustle that allows individuals over 50 to continue making an impact in the lives of students while earning additional income. Whether you choose to tutor independently or through a platform, the demand for online education ensures that there are plenty of opportunities available.

Pet Sitter

Are you an animal lover looking for a flexible side gig? Consider pet sitting! Pet sitting allows you to spend time with adorable furry friends while earning extra income. Whether it’s dog walking or providing pet care services, there are numerous opportunities in the pet sitting industry. As an experienced pet sitter, I can attest to the joys and benefits of this side hustle.

“Pet sitting is not only a rewarding way to make money but also a great way to create lasting connections with pets and their owners. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!”

One advantage of pet sitting is the flexibility it offers. You can choose your own schedule and decide which types of pets you’re comfortable caring for. Additionally, there are pet sitter platforms like Rover, Fetch, and that make it easy to find clients and set your own rates. The average pay for a pet sitter is $15.25 per hour, but rates can vary depending on factors such as location and the type of services provided.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or want to supplement your income, pet sitting can be a fulfilling and enjoyable side hustle. So, if you have a love for animals and want to make some extra cash, consider becoming a pet sitter today!

Craft Seller


Are you a creative individual who loves making crafts? Turn your passion into a profitable side hustle by selling your handmade products. Whether you’re skilled in knitting, baking, or creating unique party favors, there’s a market waiting for your creations.

Platforms like Etsy and Shopify provide a convenient and user-friendly way to sell your crafts online. By setting up an online store, you can reach a wide customer base and showcase your products to potential buyers. Take advantage of these platforms’ built-in marketing features and customizable storefronts to attract customers and boost your sales.

“Selling crafts online has been a game-changer for me. I used to only make crafts for friends and family, but now I have a thriving business with customers all over the country,” says Jane, a craft seller on Etsy.

In addition to online selling, consider participating in local craft fairs or events. These gatherings attract craft enthusiasts who appreciate the uniqueness and artistry of handmade products. It’s a great opportunity to connect with customers face-to-face, receive feedback, and make valuable connections within the crafting community.


Selling crafts online can be a rewarding side business for individuals over 50. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Platforms like Etsy and Shopify provide easy-to-use tools for setting up your own online store.
  • Participating in local craft fairs allows you to interact with customers and receive valuable feedback.
  • Take advantage of social media and online marketing to promote your crafts and attract customers.

Start monetizing your creative skills and turn your crafts into a profitable side hustle today!

Travel Agent

If you have a passion for travel planning and love organizing group trips, becoming a travel agent can be a rewarding side hustle. As a travel agent, I have the opportunity to create unforgettable travel experiences for my clients while earning extra income. Whether it’s arranging a family vacation or planning a destination wedding, I take pride in helping people explore the world.

While certification is not required to become a travel agent, obtaining one can enhance your credibility and provide you with valuable knowledge about the industry. I chose to pursue a travel agent certification to ensure that I have a comprehensive understanding of travel regulations, customer service, and destination expertise.

One of the advantages of being a travel agent is the flexibility to set your own prices and work hours. I have the freedom to charge a fee for my services or earn commission from travel suppliers. This allows me to tailor my pricing to suit my clients’ budgets and preferences. Additionally, I can choose to work from home or set up my own travel agency.

Being a travel agent has allowed me to turn my passion for travel into a thriving side business. I enjoy the thrill of planning trips and creating customized itineraries that cater to each client’s specific needs and interests. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients’ faces light up when they embark on their dream vacations.

Music Teacher

Music lessons can be a fulfilling and rewarding side hustle for individuals over 50. Whether you have years of experience playing a musical instrument or have a passion for teaching others, becoming a music teacher allows you to share your knowledge and love for music while also earning some extra income.

One option is to offer one-on-one lessons, where you can tailor your teaching style and approach to the individual needs and goals of each student. This personalized attention can create a nurturing and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. Teaching one-on-one also allows you to set your own rates based on your level of expertise and the market demand in your area.

Group lessons can also be a great way to share your musical talents and connect with a wider range of students. Teaching in a group setting can foster a sense of camaraderie and provide the opportunity for students to learn from each other. Group lessons can be particularly beneficial for beginners who can benefit from peer support and encouragement. It also allows you to accommodate more students at a time, potentially increasing your earning potential.

When it comes to teaching locations, you have several options. You can host lessons at your home if you have a suitable space, or you can consider renting a studio if you prefer a professional setting. Additionally, you can offer the flexibility to travel to your students’ homes, which can be convenient for those who may prefer to learn in the comfort of their own space.

As for rates, the average pay for a music teacher is $28.63 per hour. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as your level of experience, the local market demand, and the unique services you offer when determining your rates. Remember that your expertise and passion for music are valuable assets, and it’s important to price your services accordingly.

Whether you choose to teach one-on-one or in a group setting, being a music teacher allows you to combine your love for music with a flexible and rewarding side hustle. Not only will you have the opportunity to inspire and educate others, but you’ll also have the potential to earn some extra income doing something you enjoy.

Rental Host

If you’re looking for a flexible and profitable side hustle, becoming a rental host can be a great option. By renting out a room or your entire home, you can generate a steady stream of rental income. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy to list your property and connect with potential guests.

Whether you have an extra room, a cozy apartment, or a vacation property, room sharing and vacation rentals offer a lucrative opportunity to earn extra money. By offering short-term rentals, you can take advantage of the high demand for unique and personalized accommodations.

Renting out your space allows you to be your own boss and set your own rules. You can decide how often you want to rent out your property and control the pricing based on market trends. Additionally, hosting guests from all around the world can be a rewarding experience, providing opportunities to meet new people and exchange cultural experiences.

If you’re considering becoming a rental host, make sure to familiarize yourself with your local regulations and any homeowners’ association rules that may apply. By following the guidelines and providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, you can build a successful and profitable rental business.


What are some good side hustles for individuals over 50?

Some good side hustles for individuals over 50 include becoming a life coach, online tutoring, pet sitting, selling crafts, becoming a travel agent, offering music lessons, and renting out a room or home.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach helps clients clarify their goals, facilitates exercises to promote personal and professional growth, and holds them accountable for making positive changes in their lives.

How much can I earn as a life coach?

The average pay for a life coach is $39.51 per hour.

What qualifications do I need for online tutoring?

As long as you have expertise in a subject and can explain it well, you can offer online tutoring services. You can choose to register with a tutoring service or set up your own independent tutoring business.

How much can I earn as a tutor?

The average pay for a tutor is $19.51 per hour.

How do I become a pet sitter?

You can sign up as a pet sitter on platforms like Rover, Fetch, and You can choose to host pets at your own home or go to the owner’s home to take care of their pets.

How much can I earn as a pet sitter?

The average pay for a pet sitter is $15.25 per hour.

How can I sell my crafts online?

You can sell your crafts online on platforms like Etsy or set up an online store on Shopify. Additionally, you can participate in craft fairs or events that allow craft sellers to showcase and sell their creations.

What is the average pay for a craft seller?

The pay for craft sellers varies depending on the products and market demand.

How can I become a travel agent specializing in group trips?

While certification is not required, obtaining a travel agent certification can enhance your credibility. As a travel agent, you have the flexibility to set your own prices and work hours.

How much can I earn as a travel agent?

The average pay for a travel agent is $17.99 per hour.

How can I offer music lessons as a side hustle?

If you have musical talent, you can offer music lessons one-on-one or facilitate group sessions. You can host lessons at your home, rent a studio, or travel to your students’ homes.

How much can I earn as a music teacher?

The average pay for a music teacher is $28.63 per hour.

How can I earn money by renting out a room or my home?

Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO allow you to list your property and earn recurring income through short-term rentals. The pay for rental hosts varies depending on location, amenities, and demand.

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