Best Side Hustles For Truck Drivers in 2024

Truck driving can be a demanding career, but there are plenty of side hustles available for truck drivers to earn extra income and break up the monotony of the job. From operating a food truck to becoming a mobile mechanic or tour bus driver, there are various side gigs that can work with a truck driver’s schedule and leverage their skills and knowledge of the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • Truck drivers have a range of side hustle opportunities available to them
  • Operating a food truck can be a flexible and lucrative side hustle for truck drivers
  • Truck drivers can utilize their expertise to become mobile mechanics and provide valuable services to fellow drivers
  • Driving tour buses allows truck drivers to explore new places and share their knowledge of the road with tourists
  • Assisting as moving company helpers can provide extra income and an opportunity to help others

Food Truck Operator

Operating a food truck can be an excellent side hustle for truck drivers. With their experience in driving and parking difficult vehicles, truck drivers are well-suited to navigate the streets and find prime locations to attract hungry customers. As a food truck operator, I can leverage my knowledge of the roads and highways to set up shop at events, festivals, and even regular parking spots.

Being a food truck operator allows me to utilize my driving and parking skills while also capitalizing on my familiarity with the road. It’s a flexible and lucrative side hustle opportunity that offers a change of pace from my truck driving career.

Starting my own food truck business allows me to be my own boss and control my schedule. I can choose when and where to operate, giving me the freedom to balance my main job and side hustle effectively. Plus, I get to share my love for food with others and create a unique dining experience on wheels.

Why Food Truck Operator?

“Driving a truck is my profession, but operating a food truck is my passion. It allows me to combine my love for cooking with my expertise on the road. As a food truck operator, I have the opportunity to bring joy to people’s taste buds while exploring different locations and meeting new customers. It’s a rewarding side gig that allows me to showcase my culinary skills and make a positive impact on the local food scene.”

By becoming a food truck operator, I can diversify my income and expand my entrepreneurial skills. It’s a creative and dynamic way to earn extra income while doing something I truly enjoy. So if you’re a truck driver looking for a side hustle that combines your driving skills and passion for food, consider becoming a food truck operator. It’s a recipe for success!

Mobile Mechanic

mobile mechanic

Truck drivers possess a wealth of knowledge about their vehicles, making them excellent candidates for becoming mobile mechanics. As a mobile mechanic, I provide valuable services to fellow truck drivers on the road, offering assistance with flat tires, engine troubles, and other mechanical issues that may arise during their journeys. By leveraging my expertise and skills, I not only earn extra income but also play a crucial role in helping my peers stay on the road safely.

Becoming a mobile mechanic has been a rewarding side hustle for me. I enjoy the satisfaction of resolving my fellow truck drivers’ mechanical problems and the gratitude they express for my assistance. Additionally, being a mobile mechanic allows me to maintain a flexible schedule that aligns with my truck driving responsibilities. I can choose when and where to offer my services, ensuring that I can balance both my primary job and my side hustle effectively.

Being a mobile mechanic has given me a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I am utilizing my expertise to help others. It has also provided me with the opportunity to network with fellow truck drivers and build strong relationships within the industry. I take pride in being able to provide reliable, on-the-spot mechanical assistance and contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of the trucking community.

I continue to expand my knowledge and skills as a mobile mechanic by staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in truck technology and attending training programs whenever possible. This allows me to offer a wide range of services to my clients and stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry. As a side hustle, being a mobile mechanic has not only boosted my income but also enhanced my reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable professional within the trucking community.

Offering a Helping Hand on the Road

As a truck driver turned mobile mechanic, I take pride in being able to support my fellow truckers during their journeys. Whether it’s fixing a minor issue or providing guidance for more complex problems, I am always ready to lend a helping hand. By offering my services as a mobile mechanic, I not only contribute to the well-being of my peers but also foster a sense of camaraderie within the trucking community.

Tour Bus Driver

tour bus driver

Being a truck driver has given me a deep appreciation for the open road and a desire to share that experience with others. That’s why I decided to explore the side hustle of becoming a tour bus driver. It allows me to combine my love for driving with my passion for meeting new people and exploring new places.

As a tour bus driver, I get to take groups of tourists on unforgettable journeys, showcasing the beauty and history of various destinations. Whether it’s a city tour, a scenic route through national parks, or a cross-country adventure, I’m responsible for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of my passengers throughout the trip.

“Being a tour bus driver allows me to share my knowledge of the road and provide unique insights and experiences to tourists. It’s a rewarding side hustle that lets me see the world from a different perspective while earning extra income.”

Creating Memorable Experiences

One of the highlights of being a tour bus driver is the opportunity to create memorable experiences for my passengers. I love sharing interesting facts and stories about the places we visit, making the journey informative and engaging. From pointing out hidden gems to recommending local restaurants and attractions, I strive to go above and beyond to ensure my passengers have an unforgettable trip.

Additionally, I enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a tour bus driver. I can choose to work on weekends or during my downtime as a truck driver, allowing me to maximize my earnings and pursue my passion for travel. It’s a side hustle that not only brings in extra income but also allows me to continue exploring the open road and sharing my love for it with others.

Moving Company Helper

Another side hustle option for truck drivers is to work as a moving company helper. This opportunity allows you to utilize your strength and skills while providing assistance to those in need of moving services. As a truck driver, you are already familiar with the logistics of loading and unloading heavy items, and this experience can be valuable in the moving industry.

“I love being a moving company helper because it allows me to stay active and help people during a stressful time,” says John, a truck driver who takes on moving gigs on his days off. “Not only am I able to earn extra income, but I also get to use my physical strength and problem-solving skills to ensure a smooth moving process for the customers.”

Getting started as a moving company helper

If you’re interested in becoming a moving company helper, you can start by reaching out to local moving companies in your area. Many companies often need extra hands for large moves or busy periods. By offering your services, you can earn additional income while gaining experience in the moving industry.

Remember to emphasize your experience as a truck driver and highlight your ability to handle heavy items and navigate tight spaces. This can set you apart from other applicants and increase your chances of getting hired as a moving company helper.

Online Store Owner

As a truck driver, I have found that starting my own online store is a fantastic side hustle opportunity. With platforms like Shopify and Etsy, it has never been easier to create and sell products online. During my downtime on the road, I can use this time to build my online store, create unique products, and connect with customers from all over.

“Starting my own online store has allowed me to unleash my creativity and turn my hobbies and interests into a profitable business. I can create handmade crafts, design digital downloads, or even sell products related to truck driving. The possibilities are endless, and the flexibility of running an online store fits perfectly with my truck driving schedule.”

Building an online store as a truck driver

Starting an online store as a truck driver requires some planning and organization. First, I had to determine what products I wanted to sell and research the market demand for those products. Once I had my product ideas, I started building my online store using user-friendly platforms like Shopify or Etsy. These platforms provide templates and tools to create a professional-looking online store without any coding knowledge.

Next, I focused on product creation and photography. I made sure to showcase high-quality images of my products to attract potential customers. Additionally, I optimized my product descriptions using relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility.

Promoting my online store

Once my online store was up and running, I needed to promote it to attract customers. I utilized social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase my products and engage with my target audience. I also participated in online marketplaces and communities related to my niche to increase brand visibility.

Building an email list and sending regular newsletters has also been an effective way to reach my customers and keep them informed about new products or promotions. By implementing various marketing strategies, I have been able to grow my online store and generate a steady stream of income alongside my truck driving career.

Freelance Writer or Blogger

As a truck driver, I have always had a passion for writing. So, I decided to explore the world of freelance writing and blogging as a side hustle. It allows me to share my experiences on the road, provide valuable tips and advice to fellow truck drivers, and express my creativity beyond my day-to-day job.

Being a freelance writer or blogger gives me the flexibility to work on my own schedule. During my downtime on the road, I can brainstorm ideas, research topics, and write articles or blog posts. I can also collaborate with other writers or bloggers to expand my reach and create engaging content for my audience.

I believe that my unique perspective as a truck driver brings a fresh and authentic voice to my writing. I enjoy connecting with readers who share a similar interest in the trucking industry or who are curious about life on the road.

Additionally, with the rise of platforms like YouTube and Twitch, I have the opportunity to diversify my content and engage with my audience in new ways. I can create videos or live streams to provide a more immersive experience and connect with my followers on a deeper level.

Unlocking the Potential

Freelance writing and blogging have not only allowed me to generate additional income but have also opened doors for personal and professional growth. Through my writing, I have been able to build a solid online presence and establish myself as an expert in the trucking industry.

By leveraging my knowledge and experience, I have been able to collaborate with industry publications, contribute guest articles, and even secure book deals. These opportunities have not only provided financial rewards but have also allowed me to share my expertise with a wider audience.

Whether it’s writing about my adventures on the road, sharing practical tips for navigating the trucking industry, or exploring my other interests and hobbies, freelance writing and blogging have become a fulfilling and rewarding side hustle for me.


As a truck driver, finding a side hustle can be a great way to earn extra income and diversify your skills. With the right side business, you can make the most of your time on the road and increase your earnings. From operating a food truck to becoming a tour bus driver or starting an online store, there are plenty of options to explore.

By leveraging your expertise and knowledge of the road, you can find side hustles that align with your interests and schedule. These side businesses for truckers provide flexibility and the opportunity to pursue your passion projects while generating extra income. Whether you choose to offer services to fellow truck drivers or tap into your creativity to create and sell products online, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, balancing your main job and side hustle effectively is key. It’s important to manage your time and prioritize tasks to ensure that both your truck driving career and side hustle thrive. With the right mindset and dedication, you can make the best of both worlds and create a successful and fulfilling trucking career supplemented by a profitable side gig.


What are some side hustles for truck drivers?

Some side hustles for truck drivers include operating a food truck, becoming a mobile mechanic, being a tour bus driver, working as a moving company helper, starting an online store, or becoming a freelance writer or blogger.

How can truck drivers become food truck operators?

Truck drivers can become food truck operators by utilizing their driving and parking skills, capitalizing on their knowledge of the roads and highways, and starting their own food truck business. This side hustle provides a flexible and lucrative opportunity.

Can truck drivers become mobile mechanics?

Yes, truck drivers can become mobile mechanics by offering services to fellow truck drivers on the road. With their extensive knowledge of vehicles, they can fix flat tires or engine troubles and earn extra money while helping out their peers.

What does it take to become a tour bus driver as a side gig?

Truck drivers can easily transition into becoming tour bus drivers by utilizing their experience in driving large vehicles. This side hustle allows them to explore new places, share their knowledge of the road, and provide unique insights and experiences to tourists.

How can truck drivers earn extra income as moving company helpers?

Truck drivers can contribute as moving company helpers by loading and unloading furniture, driving the moving truck, and using their strength to handle heavy items. This side hustle provides extra income and an opportunity to help others with their moving needs.

Can truck drivers start their own online stores?

Yes, truck drivers can easily start their own online stores using platforms like Shopify or Etsy. They can create and sell various products during their downtime on the road, leveraging their creativity and skills to generate additional income.

How can truck drivers turn their writing skills into a side hustle?

Truck drivers with a passion for writing can become freelance writers or bloggers. They can write about their experiences on the road, provide tips and tricks for other truck drivers, and explore their hobbies and interests. Platforms like YouTube or Twitch can help them expand their audience.

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